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Safe & Efficient Construction of your project Is our Engineering Team’s

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Structure Designing

At Neev Construction, we have a team of experts in the structure design process. We are specialized in to create conceptual designs with the modern concept on every project we take.



We build your dream projects with a solid focus on quality. Neev constructions provide general construction, estimating, and structure designs to meet expectations on every project.


Architecture Planning & Interior Designing

Neev Construction has been delivering quality design and professional service to its clients for 6 years. We have professionals in all phases of architecture, planning, 

Estimation and Costing

The initial phase of any construction project is cost-estimating and pre-construction services. We check every possible angle of construction, determine scenarios, calculate costs, and estimate expenses.

Building Contractor

Neev construction is a team of skilled and licensed building contractors who have a vast experience to meet the client’s expectations.

Vastu Shastra


Vastu is a science of energizing the directions of your place by balancing the five elements in it. We all know that the whole universe is made up of 5 elements viz. air, water, fire, earth and space


We at Neev, ensure to complete your project with the proper guidance and quality construction services. Our clients have to go with a single channel of communication to show their requirements. We clearly provide the overall analysis, feasibility, strategy, and cost estimation of the project to our valuable clients. Neev also takes responsibility to design and build your dream projects. You will surely feel free to get all the quality construction services at Neev.